The Website Installer situated in our Outcode Ltd Hosting Solutions Web Site Control Panel offers an actually quite easy way to generate a brand new website using a custom appearance in just 5 min’s. All it requires is just 4 basic steps for your brand new web site to be online. You are able to pick from more than two hundred customizable site templates and just as soon as everything is prepared, you’re able to deal with your new website with ease. We’ll provide you with signin information for the management area and you will be able to start adding brand new web pages immediately. In case, anytime, you need guidance – the technical representatives can be found 24x7x365, prepared to work with you.

The Website Installer can be acquired with every Linux cloud web hosting packages, Linux VPS hosting packages, Linux semi-dedicated packages, and Linux dedicated servers hosting packages offer coming with the Outcode Ltd Hosting Solutions Web Site Control Panel.

A Site Installation Tool For All

Build a brand new web site without having any technical skills

The website installation tool bridges the space in between technologically inexperienced clients and complicated site production and design and style. Using the tool, you won’t have to have any expertise in CSS or HTML. You are going to just need to choose how your site will appear like and click the Install button in the application. That is everything. After that, you’ll be able to feature unique webpages and add your very own photographs with merely a mouse click. No code to generate, no layout to work on. It’s all is taken care of through the easy–to–use application in the background and is also completed within seconds.

If, for reasons unknown, you aren’t very pleased with what you have come up with, you can always undo the changes and start again.

Easy-to-use Website Installer

200+ Design Themes to pick from

Select the most suitable layout for your web site

Inside the Web Site Control Panel, you will find a variety of custom–made templates for your own personal or enterprise site. Whether you need to start your own personal blogging site, community web site or maybe a business account, you will find a pre–made design solution for you that you could additionally customize up to your preferences.

Each of our creative designers are producing brand–new styles, so we are going to be updating the range often.

200+ Free Templates

Day–and–night Assistance Service

Let us know if you need guidance whenever you want

Our technical support department has an in–depth experience in hosting and is able to assist you with any type of problems you might have managing your websites. Moreover, you can find a detailed Commonly Asked Questions collection and also an assortment of step–by–step training videos that address the most common topics and issues. Our company offers a 1–hour reply–back time warranty, nonetheless, in most situations the client support associates are able to answer back within just thirty min’s.

24/7 Support